Our pioneers discover and locate unreached & unengaged tribes, plan the logistics for overseas trips,


commission gospel festivals, and communicate with our missionaries and missionary teams.





If you have gone through a Mission One Eleven school, you have been directly impacted by Pioneer Missions! 









Some of our expedition students have now become pioneers, going out as full-time missionaries, going back to the new tribes and disciplining those who have just heard and received Christ.











Keep our missionaries in your prayers:  Jacob Härgestam, Hanna & Amos Josefsson, Felicia Östman, Monica Ornelas, Brett Ransom, Tim Milner, Marie Vanderwal, Gabe & Sara Juarez, Aussie Rusdi, and Devon Getman, Gehrig Smith, Kalyn & Samuel Valentine, Heidi Parra, Tamara Gutel, Carrie Johnson.







Are you ready to go full-time and give Christ your all? Pioneer Missions is led by Nick Sartoris.