What started as a vision from Karl Hargestam to reach refugees with the Gospel, has now developed an entirely new field for Mission One Eleven. 


Mission One Eleven Digital. One of the primary responsibilities will be OCFEP Tracking and Accountability App being used by CityServe International and other NGOs plus the development of our Storyshare App, language translations, and local training.






We want people to be able to share the Good News with confidence, so with the help of a team from Basil Technologies, we created Storyshare!   

Storyshare is currently available in 6 languages: English, Swedish, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, and Persian, with additional languages being translated and prepared. The dual screen in the app allows you to read the story in your language on one side of the phone, while the story is shown in the same or a different language on the other side.




Mission One Eleven Digital will be used for evangelism training through our MOE Training Centers, City Serve, and local outreaches.

This year we will be sending additional teams out to train and share the Gospel with refugees in Europe, Lebanon, and other areas of the world where there has been an influx of refugees. 








We believe that anyone can share the Gospel whether they are new in their faith or a seasoned veteran, overseas or in their hometown. The Mission One Eleven Digital division is here to help equip you.




You can download the StoryShare app here and begin to use storytelling in your everyday life with family and friends. It's a proven tool for evangelism.




The Digital division is led by Eman Hernandez.