We go find unreached or unengaged people groups and share the Gospel!

No matter where they are.



We take ordinary young people on a 3-month journey. First, they dedicate six weeks for training at a Mission One Eleven training center.  

They’ll learn about unreached people, how to live in a tribe, learn 29 Gospel stories that they will use while in the bush and practice evangelism locally.






Then, for the next six weeks, students go on an extreme expedition to an unreached area or tribe, live among them, share the Gospel through chronological storytelling and invite them into the Kingdom.








The most common question we hear from unreached people is: “If you’ve known this, why has it taken so long for someone to bring this to us?”


The true “mission” of Mission One Eleven is to fulfill the Great Commission and take the Gospel specifically to unreached and unengaged people groups.


Our main goal is search, find, share, spread and then repeat the process.




Mission One Eleven’s strength is that it’s a turnkey, repeatable program that complements a church’s existing missions program and doesn’t try to pilfer their people.  By empowering any church to start a Mission One Eleven training center, the church sends its own people to reach unreached tribes, go to the most remote places on the planet, and return with experiences that create a passion for missions throughout their home congregation.


Then we celebrate our victories and get ready to go again. It leverages our experience in unreached people groups so any local church can truly become global without having to start from scratch.






The Mission One Eleven Expeditions Director is Tamara Gutel. Are you ready to go?