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Missiology of Unreached People Groups

Missiology of Unreached People Groups examines concepts and Biblical understanding of unreached people groups and the Church’s commandment to reach them.

The class will also look at modern social injustices and how this generation can meet those needs; largely the injustice of those without ever having at least one chance to hear the Gospel.

An in-depth study of unreached people groups. Understand why they are unreached and how we can be a part of reaching them. This will discuss pioneer evangelism, soul winning, and how to lead a person to Christ using Chronological Storytelling.


Dates Offered


April 12th – May 24th
August 17th – September 2th
November 9th – December 20th


April 5th – May 16th
August 16th – September 26th
November 8th – December 19th