Chronological Storytelling


Chronological Storytelling of the Bible is a method in which the stories of the bible are told in an easily understood oral format to show the overarching message of God’s redemptive plan.


Orality (noun)

Preference for or tendency to use spoken forms of language.


Every culture throughout history has used orality to pass down various traditions that make up said culture; be it proverbs, songs, chants, stories, etc. Even still, there are 4 billion oral learners worldwide which presents those reaching these cultures with a unique task.




Each Mission One Eleven training center team will spend significant time in training to learn how to share the bible through short stories. When presenting God’s story, teams will lay a foundation about a one true God, His intention with mankind, the fall of man, the sin problem, and His redemptive plan through Christ.




- 60-75% of all people are oral learners.

- 1 billion people worldwide are oral learners by choice, even though they are literate.

- 62% of the world’s population will not grasp a taught concept if you teach it in a solely literate way.

- 70% of people worldwide do not have an alphabet for their heart language.

- Currently, 7,000 languages are solely spoken.


“Purely oral societies pass along everything that matters from one generation to another without putting anything into writing.”






We also have developed an app which includes the main stories that we use to lay the foundation of the Gospel. The app includes 29 stories in multiple languages, and increasing, so that we, and we hope you, can cross the language barrier in order to share the Gospel with someone.