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Training and Courses

Study online and get to the missions field in as little as 3 months.


Accelerated Training

A missions program that trains and mobilizes people to reach unreached people groups with the Gospel. Our training program offers an accelerated training to get you into the field quickly.

Study at Your Own Pace

All courses are offered each semester so you can go as fast or as slow as you desire to get into the field.

International Destinations

Once qualified you can choose from many destinations to reach unreached people groups. Such as first contact, storytelling, and church planting, refugees… There are people waiting to hear the Gospel.

Innovated Solutions

Why choose between pursuing higher education and obeying a call to missions? Now you can do both. We’ve partnered with Vanguard University to offer our Mission One Eleven training program as 15 units of free transferable university credit.

Classes Offered

Missiology of Unreached People Groups

Missiology of Unreached People Groups examines concepts and Biblical understanding of unreached people groups and the Church’s commandment to reach them. The class will also look at modern social injustices and how this generation can meet those needs; largely the injustice of those without ever having at least one chance to hear the Gospel.

An in-depth study of unreached people groups. Understand why they are unreached and how we can be a part of reaching them. This will discuss pioneer evangelism, soul winning, and how to lead a person to Christ using Chronological Storytelling.

Spiritual Formation in a Missional Context

Spiritual Formation in a Missional Context examines the cost of following Jesus into the world. It takes a look at what is required and how to prepare yourself to follow Jesus and work in a missional context. This course will also look at today’s social injustices and how we can make a difference in them.

A in-depth study of spiritual formation through the lens of missions. What does it take to follow Jesus and how can one prepare themself to follow Him. This course will look at being a responder to the world’s injustices and the faith needed to respond.

Methods of Orality

Methods of Orality examines the methods of Chronological Storytelling and it’s value in reaching unreached people groups. This course will examine the four basic components of a Gospel presentation and how to effectively share the Gospel in a society of oral learners.

An in-depth study on the methods of orality and the four basic components of a Gospel presentation. This class will discuss chronological storytelling and gain the ability to successfully present the Gospel.

The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts examines the birth of the Christian Church and the lives and ministries of it’s founding fathers. This course studies the momentous events that formed the first church and the beginning of the story that is still being written today in unreached people groups.

An in-depth study on the Book of Acts, studying the birth of the Church and the first missionaries sent to reach the world.

Mentoring in Missions

Throughout Mission One Eleven, you will be required to meet weekly with a mentor while you are studying and once when you get back from your field assignment. Since you will meet with your mentor after the semester is over, your grade will be the appointment details you set up with your mentor.You can choose your own mentor, but they do need to be a Pastor at your local church.

Each week, you will be given a topic to discuss with your mentor and what you can learn and apply in your life. We will be walking along Paul’s missionary journeys in the Book of Acts.

Practicum Overseas

Mission One Eleven Practicum trains and prepares students for the overseas trip into an unreached trip. The class will cover first aid training, cultural teachings, and an application of the trip overseas.